Third Time Mum

I was expecting my third child when my sister in law, Harriet, very luckily qualified as a Natal Hypnotherapy Practitioner.

My previous two pregnancies and deliveries had been remarkably straight forward – short labours and trouble free deliveries.  Because of this I had managed to cope using gas and air and breathing techniques.  However  for my third (and probably last) pregnancy I was keen to explore other options which would allow me to remain as calm as possible and have an equally good and if not better birth experience.  I was particularly keen to try and achieve the natural breathing out of the baby instead of intense pushing.

In the later stages of my pregnancy I used the Natal Hypnotherapy CD’s as often as possible. I found it great to have an excuse to go and lie down for some ‘me’ time and often would fall asleep at the end.  I had a couple of one to one sessions with Harriet which really helped with the visualisation techniques and identifying the triggers that would work for me during labour.  "3,2,1 ... relax" became my mantra and I loved drifting off to my special place – a secret cove in Northern Spain where we have lovely happy family memories.

My labour started when I was 4 days overdue with a show in the morning and contractions beginning around 3pm.  I managed to do the school run and got home to call my husband home.  Between 4 and 6pm my contractions became more regular- every 5 minutes or so but I was in complete control – using the breathing techniques I’d practised, "3,2,1... relax" with each contraction and in the more intense periods, really focussing on the pain in terms of where it was and what it felt like – bizarre, I know , but it worked for me!!

I was messing around with my 2 boys on the birthing ball after supper around 7pm when my waters broke.  I knew straight away that things had really stepped up a gear and gave my husband the nod it was time to go to the midwife led birthing unit at the local hospital.  For me , having worked in hospitals for several years, it felt like the right place to be.

It took 15 minutes to get there in the car and this is when the Natal Hypnotherapy techniques really came into their own.  I knew I was very close to delivery and controlled the rising panic using the techniques to stay as calm as possible and breathe through each contraction.  I was very quiet but managed to ‘come out’ to warn my husband of a speed camera to only go ‘back under’ almost immediately!  

We arrived at the unit, and I got onto the bed on all fours as I had just felt the baby crown.  I mentioned to the midwives that I thought the baby could be here soon but they were still clerking me in!  At this point I was so calm and focussed on my body – as I felt the pressure of the baby’s head, I was able to breathe through the last couple of contractions and breathe my baby out with no active pushing. 

Our beautiful baby Isabella had arrived.  17 minutes after arrival and 4 hours from the first contraction.  What a fantastic third birth and a wonderful memory – it was great to feel so empowered and in control and I would highly recommend Natal Hypnotherapy to anyone, even a slight sceptic like me!!

Emily Strickland

Emily Strickland, Physiotherapist

Natal Hypnotherapy mother 


Natal Hypnotherapy mother

Emily with a new born Isabella