Relaxed Hospital Birth for a First Time Mum


Lucy had an amazing birth experience with the total labour time just 2:43.  Her waters broke in the morning of 13/08 and contractions started happening on our way to the hospital but Lucy was not fully aware of them as she closed her eyes and listened to the relaxing music during the journey and was suprised when we arrived at the hospital.
She was monitored for just over an hour during which time the contractions started increasing in intensity but she stayed relaxed by continuing to listen to the music, using the breathing techniques you taught and with me whispering "3-2-1 ... Relax" when she needed it.
When they tried to put the cannula in her hand she had another contraction and although the midwife tried to hold it in to finish after the contraction, it was not possible and they planned to try again when Lucy was moved to a delivery room.  By this time the contractions were intense and frequent but Lucy was managing them really well.   A doctor came in to try again with the cannula but it was quickly realised that there was no point as Laila was on her way and there would not be enough time for the antibiotics to have an effect.
Lucy managed to give birth without any pain relief.  When the pushing stage came she asked for gas and air but the midwife said it was too late.  The only relief was the TENS machine towards the end and the relaxing music.
The midwifes kept a close eye on Laila for the first 12 hours to make sure she was not affected (by Group B Strep) and she was fine.  She also recorded APGAR scores of 9 and then 10.
Thank you so much for your help in making the birth experience amazing.  We have no doubt that the Natal Hypnotherapy was the reason for the short labour and minimal pain Lucy experienced.


Dan Tillson, Natal Hypnotherapy Dad