Stress Free Mamas - Mother & Baby Relaxation

I am delighted to be starting up a new relaxation group for mothers to come to with their babies if they wish.  The focus of the group will remain very much on mothers but babies will benefit from not only being in a calm, relaxed space, sharing a moment of quiet with their mothers but also from the practical relaxation skills that mothers will be taking home with them.  

My core aim is to create a space where mothers can put down the "to do" list for a moment and connect with the present moment with their babies and with other mothers.  Spaces are limited to ensure that everyone, mothers and babies, can get what they need from the class.

Pre-crawling babies are welcome.  Mothers are free to choose whether they bring their babies with them.  

Come in loose, comfortable clothing as the relaxation session is done lying down.

Everything you need is provided (yoga mats, blankets, etc).  Toys to play with and sheepskins on which to relax are provided for babies. Nappies and nappy changing mat are also available.  So all you need to do is get up, out of the house and come!


Block of 5 classes is £35.  First class is FREE!  


Classes are held in the Garden Room at the back of Goring Village Hall.


Contact me for more information and to book! 



What this group offers

  • Practical relaxation skills
  • Building confidence as an instinctive mother
  • Becoming present through developing sensory awareness
  • Pikler inspired care and respect for mother and baby
  • Sharing the motherhood journey