Natal Hypnotherapy Antenatal Classes in Reading, 

Henley on Thames, Goring on Thames & Aldermaston

Discover the power of hypnobirthing techniques with

Natal Hypnotherapy antenatal classes 

Natal Hypnotherapy Relaxation

Natal Hypnotherapy Hypnobirthing

Birth Preparation Classes

Natal Hypnotherapy classes are the best form of preparation for birth in which you can invest.  Learning hypnobirthing skills using the Natal Hypnotherapy programme will put you in control of your own birth experience so that you can match your instincts and natural ability to give birth with the excellent scientific knowledge, technology and experience of your medical caregivers for a safe, calm and stress free birth.

Natal Hypnotherapy classes cost £295 for a pair of classes and you get a free workbook with 4 Natal Hypnotherapy downloads plus the fabulous book "Effective Birth Preparation" by Maggie Howell when you book both workshops.  


You can attend classes at any stage of pregnancy though ideally it will be between 25 and 35 weeks to get maximum benefit.  


Classes are held across Berkshire and Oxfordshire in venues in Goring on Thames, Henley on Thames, Reading and Aldermaston. 


Classes run at weekends starting at 9.30am and finishing at 5pm (including a lunch break).


Private sessions are available in your own home for individual couples for £280 per day or if you wish to host your own group, perhaps a group of friends.  Full details available on request.



Day 1:

Natural Pain Relief

Day 1 focuses on natural pain management tools and techniques including breathing, relaxation and self hypnosis. We will explore how fear can have effect the natural flow of birth and how self-hypnosis can help couples overcome fears and develop confidence in the body's natural ability to give birth.   Birth partners will learn specific techniques to support their partner as she gives birth.

Day 2:

Practical Birth Preparation 

Day 2 helps you prepare physically, mentally and emotionally for the birth. You will develop your understanding of the birth process from an emotional perspective as well as physiological one.  You will learn all about the power of hormones and how best to work with them.  Birth partners will learn about practical ways to support their partner and increase her comfort as well as how to work effectively with the medical team.

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