"During my pregnancy I was consciously aware that I didn’t want a medicalised birth so off I went to Google and came across Natal Hypnotherapy (I was very early on at about 15 weeks). I bought the Natal Hypnotherapy CD’s (Pregnancy Relaxation and Birth Preparation for Hospital) and started listening to them well before the recommended time. It was my time where I could go and lie on the bed and have "me" time. I decided after listening to the CD's for a few weeks that I would look into more detail how Natal Hypnotherapy worked and came across the workshops. My husband was very, very sceptical about the whole thing and did have this perception that it was a bit hippy.  He was also wary about the costs involved saying that it was a lot of money to part with when “it wasn’t totally recommended”. I got my own way and off we tootled.  What an eye opener!  It was truly amazing, we met other people who were in exactly the same position as us. They were all normal couples who just wanted to learn the skills that we have innately anyway.


When we arrived at the venue (which was peaceful in itself) we met our practitioner who was lovely.  She made us feel totally at ease about everything. All the couples were really friendly and there wasn’t just my perception of mum and dad couples there.  There were mums and grandmas, mums and friends; every type of birth partner was there. As much as my group was big it was small enough for us all to speak about our experiences and it really was just brilliant.


I type this after completing my Natal Hypnotherapy Practitioner training and I am consciously aware that I come across as a forceful “this works, this works, this works” type of person.  All I can say is after listening to the CD’s and attending the workshop I went on to have in my opinion a perfect water birth in a midwifery led unit with just me and my husband there, no doctors, which is what I originally set out to want. My son was born in the water after an established labour of 1 hour 25. I understand that each labour story is different but to stress that trusting in your body and that Natal Hypnotherapy has worked for me and thousands of other women out there is just amazing.


If you are having any doubts about booking on this workshop then don’t, yes it is a lot of money but to feel that satisfaction of being able to birth your baby in whatever way you want and for you to feel empowered (which is what the workshop did for me) that for me is just priceless.


Good luck for your birth!"  

Rachel Carr, NHS nurse, Natal Hypnotherapy mother

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Rachel, NHS nurse

Natal Hypnotherapy mother

Rachel Carr Natal Hypnotherapy mother

Photo taken shortly after the gentle 

water birth of her son