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Here's what I drew!

Today I had the great pleasure of joining Linda Cook’s Birth Art Café.   I spent a happy and relaxed afternoon exploring the complexity of my feelings around potentially having a third baby.  On one hand I long to feel life in my womb again, to go through the precious months of pregnancy and especially to go through the powerful experience of a positive birth.  On the other hand I worry about whether I have enough energy, money and frankly space in the house to have another baby.  But when I see my two beautiful little people, tucked up in bed next to each other, I feel the absence of someone …


So I took all these thoughts and feelings with me to Linda’s group.  She skillfully guided the group through a simple, gentle and calming relaxation exercise and then she set us free with art materials.  I found the experience of using colour to focus on, unravel and piece together my feelings really powerful and incredibly gentle.  It gave me clarity.


There were babies in the group feeding, sleeping, on the brink of scampering. There were mothers exploring their own feelings about their babies and motherhood.  It was lovely to be with them and to share a rare moment of peace and calm with them enjyoing the "sisterhood within motherhood".  

And so, do I want another baby?  Hmmm maybe, dear husband, maybe I do!


Linda hosts a Birth Art Café once a month in her home in Woodley.  For more details go to her website


The Birth Art Café was created by Tamara Donn, inspired by Pam England’s Birthing From WithinClick here for more information


                                                                                    Harriet Hancock

January 2015