A Mother's Juggling Act

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A Mother's Juggling Act


Like many mothers I juggle work, rest and play.  I seem to drop “rest” a lot and I seem to juggle “play” for my children and rarely for me.  I run my Relaxation Classes to give women a space in their week to rest, to stop, relax and connect with the best within themselves to get back to the juggling act with a better sense of balance.    But I don’t always take my own medicine!  By the end of last year, I felt deeply exhausted and my confidence in my ability to successfully juggle the various balls in my life was flagging.   So my central intention for 2015 is to rest and play more.


So how am I going to do that?


1)   I’ve signed up to go each month to the Red Tent Retreat run by Tamara Donn and Verity Peacock in Kings Langley.  It’s always a wonderfully warm place to be with other women sharing the trials and joys of being a woman beautifully facilitated by Tamara and Verity.  They manage to create a great sense of safety so that I can put down the juggling balls while I’m there.  I always seem to come away with more energy and clearer about some area of my life.


2)   I’m getting super organised with all the tasks I want to get done throughout the week.  I’m consciously calling them tasks rather than chores because part of the intention is to feel more positive about washing up, doing the laundry, and picking up my husband’s discarded pants from the part of the floor right next to the laundry basket!  By being organised about the day to day tasks, I free myself up to enjoy time relaxing with my children and my husband and to enjoy doing the things I like to do.


3)   I’m trying to channel “The Idle Parent” by Tom Hodgkinson, a wonderful book whose central message is simple – do less!  In doing less, my children get more – more freedom, more of a sense of control over their own lives, more opportunities to problem solve for themselves and crucially, they get a more relaxed, contented mother.


4)   I’m practicing saying “no”.  I’m not adept at it but in order to do less I need to say “no” to the endless stream of requests to do more.  And I’m also practicing saying “yes” – “yes” to my kids when they want a game of “tickle or trap” (see The Idle Parent) and I want to finish the washing up, “yes” to my husband when he wants to curl up watching Game of Thrones (again) and I want to check Twitter, “yes” to myself when I want to flop out and read a book, when I’ve finally got a kid-free moment and I think I should be hoovering.


5)   I’m making the most of my own Relaxation Classes.  I get a good reminder of the need to relax and I get re-connected to the very techniques I teach others.  And I just love seeing a circle of stressed mothers melt into relaxed ones in front of my eyes!


I’m hoping these five steps improve my juggling skills to circus standard!


Harriet Hancock

January 2015