Gem, NHS Midwife

Natal Hypnotherapy mother

Gem Nealon Natal Hypnotherapy mother

Photo taken during established labour with contractions 3-4 minutes apart

All I can say is WOW!

My baby Ella was born at home, following an amazing labour using Natal Hypnotherapy techniques. It was so good, that I would say to any of you pregnancy ladies reading this review that I am jealous you get to go through labour and birth;  I’d swap places with you if I could!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you! Natal Hypnotherapy…


I was so relaxed during labour that I climbed a hill, made dinner, went for acupuncture and attended a yoga class,  even though I was contracting every 4-5 minutes at that point!   I used no pain relief what so ever and didn’t even feel the need to ‘do’ Natal Hypnotherapy per say during labour.  I think this is the beauty of it; I had done all the work antenatally by attending the Natal Hypnotherapy workshops and listening to the Natal Hypnotherapy CD's religiously. Therefore, when it came to the big day, I think my body had been programmed to labour well & my mind to stay calm and relaxed; the work had been done!


Natal Hypnotherapy works to such an extent that I didn’t really think I was in labour and only called the midwives because I wanted to get into the pool.  At this point my contractions were coming thick and fast but I trusted my body so much that I felt I could really let go and stay relaxed (in fact, I was quite enjoying myself!) This was in fact transition; I started to push a few contractions later and my baby was born within 30 minutes. The midwives didn’t get there in time so my husband did the honours. Whilst this wasn’t the plan, we all felt so calm and relaxed. It was wonderful.


I don’t think I really understood the term ‘normal birth’ before I experienced it. However labour is ‘normal’ in the sense that my labour just felt like any other normal daily function that my body performs. I would say that it was easy and effortless. It was just about getting in the right head space so I could let my body get on with it. Natal Hypnotherapy gave me the head space.


I am a midwife, and have seen time and time again how the mind affects the body in labour. You must let go of fear when entering labour and birth, however I think this is very hard in our country where the whole culture around birth is so negative and fearful. Therefore, when I became pregnant I knew that to have the birth I wanted I needed to keep my mind calm and my outlook positive. I searched many things, but to me the only thing that really hit the nail on the head was Natal Hypnotherapy! It is an amazing tool to overcome this fear and consequently have the kind of wonderful birth that I had. My biggest hope as a midwife, and now as a mother, is that every women has the opportunity and access to Natal Hypnotherapy.  It’s simple, accessible and without a shadow of a doubt; IT WORKS!

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