Second time Mum's Natal Hypnotherapy homebirth

I’m not sure you will remember us, but prior to attending your natal hypnotherapy workshop I was on the verge of asking for a planned c section, this was due to intervention during my previous birth with my son. My partner was so anxious of being able to support me through birth and felt he would be more of a hindrance than help. My, how much things changed!

Leading up to the birth was a really challenging time for me.  I’d recently decided on a home water birth and this involved changing GPs, midwives, sourcing a pool and all the required equipment; most of which doesn’t come as part of the ‘birth pool in a box’ as you might expect from the name.  I was also bombarded with phone calls and messages of “Have you had that baby yet?” and “Oh your home birth doesn’t look very likely now” and “When are you being induced?”... you get the idea. I also did contact Maggie Howell, Natal Hypnotherapy for some advice because I felt that all of this negativity was so unhelpful for us, especially having a previous induction birth and ‘failure to progress’.

So at 41 weeks I had been having a few twinges but nothing regular.  At 41+4 we spent the day at a children’s birthday BBQ with friends.  I had been having contractions that morning and throughout the day.  In the evening they became stronger and more regular – but still 20 mins to 1 hour apart.  We went up to bed around midnight and put on our Natal Hypnotherapy hypnobirthing CD.  I painfully listened throughout and was really struggling to relax but, knew that my subconscious at least would be listening.

Things got really painful and I decided to use my TENS machine.  I was regularly in and out of the bath and by around 5am with contractions 5 mins apart I called the midwife. I was totally shocked how rude she was when she proclaimed that I “...sounded like I had a really long way to go as I wasn’t making enough noise”!  I couldn’t speak through my minute-long contractions.  She then muttered “Well you are entitled to a midwife, what do you want?”  I was also told my midwife would take an hour to arrive due to her travelling distance so I decided it would be a good idea to call her out now.

Approximately 6am the midwife arrived, I was sprawled across the bathroom floor, I couldn’t even look at her and just thought what a mess she would think I was and how badly I was coping.  At this point I was still worried she was going to tell me it was just really bad flatulence pain, it’s actually quite amusing now.  Contractions slowed right down the moment she arrive, this made me really worried that she would leave.

She was absolutely amazing.  I have no idea what she looked like and if I passed her in the street I wouldn’t know who she was, which in my mind makes for an excellent midwife.  My partner told me she actually never left my side, but kept far away enough to leave me to it and was instinctively there when I needed her.

She had noticed my Natal Hypnotherapy hypnobirthing book on the side in my bedroom and asked if this is what I was practicing.  I believe I told her at this point that it was a complete load of rubbish and didn’t work, how little did I know?

She very gently and unobtrusively monitored baby throughout and gave no indication or any worry. She asked me if I wanted a VE which I agreed to because I did want to know how well I was doing.

6cm at around 7am. She offered me encouragement when needed during times of self doubt, exactly as we learned it would happen on the workshop.

My sister-in-law then turned up who is also a midwife, which was lovely although at the time I thought oh no!  I greeted her by being sick all over my bedroom floor.

My 8-year old also walked in to my bedroom and asked what I was doing on the floor; I told him “Having a baby” to which he responded with “Where is my school uniform?” Bless him.

I then decided to get in the pool as I had already had some instinctive uncontrollable pushes.  I walked downstairs and annoyingly was greeted by the smell of dog pooh, somehow my 8-year old had run outside around the house, so excited and trodden dog pooh all over my hallway carpet just as I was coming down the stairs, we don’t even have a dog.  I love kids!

The lounge door was opened and revealed the most beautiful Baobab environment I could have asked for, it was warm and welcoming with no lights on, my pool was ready for me, the curtains were closed. There were candles gently burning and fairy lights twinkling, pink flowers in vases and most importantly, Maggie Howell’s birth music softly playing.

Getting in the pool was amazing, such a wonderful feeling. I felt supported, safe. So secure and most of all I believed in my body.

I birthed so instinctively I surprised myself, we had planned for our 3-2-1 relax Natal Hypnotherapy technique, which used to make me laugh so much, and for my partner to stroke my back and head.  All of this went completely out of the window because I couldn’t bear for anyone to touch me at all.  I listened to my body and trusted it knew exactly what to do, and it did.  I used gas and air for my contractions, which really helped me to relax.  Towards the very end I had a huge self-doubt episode, which didn’t worry my partner at all as we had learned this happens and by now everything had played out exactly as we’d said it likely would.  I held on to my partner for dear life whilst our daughter pushed her way out at approximately 10.43am.  It was such an amazing moment holding her in our arms.  David cut the cord and I gave her to him for some skin to skin whilst I birthed the placenta within minutes.

I cannot thank Natal Hynotherapy enough, even though I didn’t manage to use all of the tools and practices I had been taught, I was given the power, self-belief and confidence to birth our baby naturally and instinctively. A lot can be said for the sub conscious mind. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH.

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Selina Green

Natal Hypnotherapy mother 

Selena Green Natal Hypnotherapy Mother

Selina and her partner, David with their daughter Imogen shortly after her 

home water birth.